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Saying I'm sorry To Your Friends Is Just Like A Minor Case

If you've wronged your friends, Spouse,  Neighbours,  or Family,  You Ought Quickly to say I'm sorry Because Pardon Makes Someone Already understand his/her faults. By doing this 'll make you Appreciated by Anyone who knows you.
Sometimes It can be working place area or Anywhere else in this  world where we live in.
If you've done mistake Admit it Quickly and Emphatically.  Because when you apologize someone,  He/she Feels So Special that's why Everybody likes To be Respected.
Myself I like to apologize when I'm done mistake and also when you've done mistake , You Ought to Apologize or saying I'm so sorry . And also Dale Carnegie proved this by remembering old proverb in his entitled book "How To win Friends and influence people ", "By fighting you never get enough,  But by Yielding you get more than you expected ". 

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