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Name Other Person's Cool Names

Did you know that ? A smart way to win friends and influencing other people to your way of Thinking is to Call their Cool 's Full name just like "Daniel Jackson ", or His/her nick name that He/she most likes, it helps to build a nice Companionship Always. Because people like to be called their Birth's name or Nicknames. Franklin D.Roosevelt said " know that one of the simplest most Obvious and most important ways of gaining good Will was by remembering Names and making people feel important ".  And also Dale Carnegie Said  in his book of How to win friends and influence people  "Remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any Language ".  So Name is unique thing that you were given with your Parents,  that's a reason that make your name  to be unique.
         For instance;   Name, Nicodemus his nickname "Nick"
                                   John his nickname "joh"
                        Full name "James Kennedy "
                                            "Rose Walter "
By doing this'll make a good friendship or company with Others Anywhere. Because people feel so important , When you 're greating them by full name like "Hell Mr steve Hudson  and "Hi Mrs John Kerry ".

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