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Mastering To Communicate

You can win people to your way of thinking if you do things specifically or in unique manner. To be Exclusively person is the only way that can distinguish you with other people due to your way of thinking.  Because when you're in Commonly Conversations,  Never generalize when you're talking or speaking.  When you're generalizing in Conversations make Other people Confused on what you're saying.
For instance ;
"Our oil price has reduced " , it 's not impressive because not mark right attention.
"Our oil price has been reduced 25 percent". It's impressive because it marked Right Attention.
So specify when you're talking or speaking,  it 'll make something clearly and no any doubt during Conversations .
See what Claude C.  Hopkins said in his entitled book " Scientific Advertising ", "No generality has any weight whatever . It's like saying How do you do...?  When you've no intention of inquiring about ones health . But specific claims when made in print are taken at their value ".  Be the Specific One.

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