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How Can You Live Happier Life With Others !

"Normally if you want to gather honey don't kick over the beehive ". Five years ago I was lived in South Western Township  (Soweto) in Johannesburg Municipality in South Africa. But now I'm in Tanzania. I was lived joyful life in South Africa while pocketless Because when I was leased,  I lived good life with my landlord. He was oldest, Shrewdest and his name was called Nkosiyabo. That's why I was appreciated him.  Nkosiyabo was taught me on how to live well with other people and also was taught me to speak Zulu language Because Once I Wasn't rarely have Zulu word in my Lips . Nkosiyabo was seemed my Challenges as well as his own, Humble man  Because Me myself when He was talking with Me,  I wasn't arguing and respecting his point of view. That was the only thing Make me to win My Landlord,  his Cool name was called Nkosiyabo.  Dale Carnegie Said this principle in his book of How to win friends and influence people " Try Honestly To See Things From Other Person's Point Of view ". 

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