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5 Small Tips That 'll Put You Away From Money

1. " If i had been born Rich ".  Many of us we think that an idea because no one dislikes to live good life, and also this an idea comes for those who are Poor. So stop to over think about it , cause it 'll consume more time of you. You can make much money rather than thinking " if I had been born Rich ", because no one born with Rich but it's all about much Effort on it.
2. " If i had a chance ". What a chance do you think about ..!? Because Yourself you've a chance to earn your money by starting Business or something else.  No one promised to have a lot of money but it's due to knock the head to provide better ways to make much money.  So put aside ideas just like " if i had a chance".
3." If my talent was known " ; what I beg from you is to stop thinking in Vacuum.  It's true you've a talent but not knowable  You'll still think on it always, If "YES"  forget ever about money but if  "NO" you can make money because if you admit your Failures, it's so easy to replace another plan rather than concentrating  Your Talent.
4." If i had better education ".  It's so nice to have better education but not All succeeded have better education.  That's why in the world there're musicians,  Movie Actors,  Footballers, and Comedians. So your mind is your strong enough education , use it in thinking positive ideas on how to get Bucks.
5." If i hadn't lost my money ".  It's previous time,  step ahead  to formulate another plan because lost of your money don't make you to stop making money.  Forget about that idea and make plan "B"  but if you over think about it,  You won't make Your  money.
And also Dan Lok said that in his book "F.u Money " If you'll  think more about this myth "Money Can't buy happiness " this'll keep you from making your f.u money
             " Put Aside These Myths Because 'll Put You Else Where With Money ". 

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